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Importance Of Academic Integrity Essay - 728 Words

According to the online Oxford English Dictionary, integrity is the â€Å"soundness of moral principle; the character of uncorrupted virtue, esp. in relation to truth and fair dealing; uprightness, honesty, sincerity.† How does the dictionary definition of integrity apply to personal thoughts on academic integrity and the importance and impact of such? It provides a firm starting point for the effective communication of ideas (or ideals, in this instance). Academic integrity may mean different things to different people; some may doubt its importance or underestimate its impact while some may cling to it as one of the most critical aspects of their college community. On a personal level, however, academic integrity means holding oneself and†¦show more content†¦When students do not hold each other accountable and require each other to be honest, could there be any credibility? Other colleges would not accept grades on transcripts because there could be no guarantee th at the student did not just plagiarize their way through assignments. Workplaces would not accept degrees because they could not be certain that the student genuinely had the skills they needed. In order for anything to be considered as properly earned in a student-led honor system, the college and the students must have a strong sense of academic integrity and have a reputation for being an honorable community. Academic integrity affects more than just the collegiate experience, however. It impacts the campus community and becomes a cornerstone of the society. When the campus community values academic integrity, that respect bleeds over into other aspects of life. If students hold each other accountable for their academic actions, the same thought processes can be used to hold each other accountable for social actions. When a community requires each member to have a certain level of respect for each other-- respect that prevents students from taking each other’s work and pre vents students from allowing others to make bad academic decisions-- the respect goes beyond academic matters. When students respect one another, they will consider the needs their fellow students may have and they will help them become not only better students but better people inShow MoreRelatedEssay about The Importance of Academic Integrity1278 Words   |  6 Pagesthe resources you â€Å"borrowed† or quoted from the original author?   Will anyone know if you submit a friend’s research paper?   No one can see you taking an online test from your living room – should that change how you take a test?   Who is hurt by academic dishonesty? Who cares if you steal test answers, falsify experimental data, cheat on an exam, or download information from a web site and turn it in as your own work? To take an easy example, would you want to be operated on by a doctor who cheatedRead MoreAcademic Integrity And Student Plagiarism1622 Words   |  7 PagesThis essay concerns the issues of academic integrity as plagiarism and buying essays. This work addresses, much attention will be paid to the background of breaches of academic integrity. Students’ behavior will be described and thoroughly analyzed. This essay will provide an understanding that current educational system itself creates prerequisites for such violations. Nowadays, American students try to subvert the educational system by using plagiarism in essays. The educational system tries toRead MoreWhy Academic Integrity Is Important For The Classroom Of Today s Society1343 Words   |  6 PagesAcademic Integrity is a value that many students, from high school to college, do not take serious; however, it should be taken more serious by these future scholars. Academics are a very important part of today society. Next we have Integrity, an aspect that I believe our society should value more. With the changing times and technology becoming more sophisticated, students are finding it easier and easier to cheat on homework and other important assignments and in most cases they get away withRead MoreBusiness Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Integrity, And Integrity1318 Words   |  6 Pagesdoing. This essay attempts to discuss what business ethics are for improvement of business behavior to the satisfaction of the â€Å"constituents† of business, i.e. the major stakeholders. In addition, the essay describes how similar ethics can be applicable to a University setting, especially playing a role in the society. It also explains the concept of integrity and its importance is our career. Keywords: business ethics, university ethics, corporate social responsibility, integrity ESSAY ON BUSSINESSRead MoreEssay on Turnitin: Hypocrisy of Its Own1277 Words   |  6 Pagescenturies, teachers and professors all have had a problem with academic dishonesty. The advancement in technology has made plagiarizing so much easier, and because of this, many professors have resorted to using software programs which detects any sort of plagiarism. One popular program many professors are enforcing their students to use is When a paper is submitted into Turnitin, the program compares it to previous submitted essays saved in its database and the content available on the internetRead MoreAcademic Integrity 141289 Words   |  6 Pagesmeaning and importance of ‘Academic Integrity’ in assignment completed by undergraduate students. Introduction On a research paper, how much information can you â€Å"borrow† with or without citing the original author?   How do you cite the resources you â€Å"borrowed† or quoted from the original author?   Will anyone know if you submit a friend’s research paper?   No one can see you taking an online test from your living room – should that change how you take a test?   Who is hurt by academic dishonestyRead MoreWhy Plagiarism Is Important For Academic Integrity?1731 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the Role of Plagiarism in regards to Academic Integrity? Plagiarism, â€Å"the act of using another person s words or ideas without giving credit to that person: the act of plagiarizing something† (Merriam-Webster, 2017), is said to be reaching epidemic proportions (Park,2003). Throughout history, plagiarism has been an issue, however, the severity and the implications where not fully understood until the development of the printing press in the 17th century. Now in the age of information sharingRead MoreEthical And Ethical Aspects Of Business Ethics1350 Words   |  6 Pagesindividual works. Its related to his behavior within organizations, with other colleagues and his approach towards his work. Business is the most important component of any university or even school. It is this place where students should be taught the importance of business ethics and values or else they may inculcate unethical behavior for the rest of their life. University is a place where students are taught various subjects and then tested on their knowledge. The student s score reflects his understandingRead MoreMy Academic Goals : My Goals1117 Words   |  5 Pagesevery-other person has some kind of goal to achieve in their life. From every- other people who have the noble advantage of education in their life have some academic goals. Academic goals doesn’t just mean to be an engineer, doctor, banker, stock broker, but also means to be musician, choreographer, dancer, etc to name just a few. My academic goals are quite different and rare. Since I was born, I was almost fascinated by physics and maths and got to experience them in the middle school in India.Read MoreThe Importance Of Accurate And Professional Academic Writing Skills1014 Words   |  5 Pages Student Name: Sage Worrell (s2903208) Essay Title: Discuss why it is important for nurses to develop academic writing skills Word Count: 1080 The following document details the importance of accurate and professional academic writing skills for the nursing profession. This is highlighted through potential consequences that form from errors associated with poor written skills. Suggestions promoting these ideas originate from how academic writing can improve the quality of workplace productivity

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Comparing Lady of Shalott and Morte d Arthur Essay

Comparing Lady of Shalott and Morte d Arthur Lord Tennyson wrote both Morte d Arthur and The Lady of Shalott. He set both of the poems in medieval Camelot and describes knights and love. Both poems convey tragedy and loss. The Lady of Shalott is fated to die tragically and King Arthurs death is described being the end of Camelot and all that went with it. The Lady of Shalott is more of a fairy story with a sad ending, but Morte d Arthur is much more serious and sad from the beginning and deals with both the death of Arthur and the magic sword Excalibur. In both poems Tennyson uses language, mood and atmosphere to demonstrate a sense of tragedy and loss. In Morte d Arthur the landscape†¦show more content†¦Also the verses are very upbeat and written like a song. It is a very much happier poem than Morte d Arthur. The tone of the poem begins to suggest the tragedy when we learn that a curse is on here if she stay to look down to Camelot and she knows that she is cursed. This tells us that something bad will happen to her probably she will die if she breaks the rules and looks directly out of her tower down to Camelot. As the mood of the poem changes it makes you wonder what is going to happen to her. Also we learn that she only see things through a mirror and moving through a mirror clearà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦shadows of the world appear. You begin to feel that she will break her curse by looking out of the window and her tragedy will begin to unfold. In Morte d Arthur, Arthur also feels that something will happen to him that is pre-determined by Merlin, the magician, so this is very similar to the Ladys premonition of her tragic fate. His sword, Excalibur, is a piece of magic in its own. It is beautifully described, it has lots of precious stones and jewels on it, and it glistens in the light. Bedivere is reluctant to throw away such a beautiful sword into a lake. In Lady of Shallot it is Lancelot that is described in this beautiful way his broad clear brow in sunlight glowed. Tennyson describes him and his horse in great detail and we see him as a bright and

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English 101 Free Essays

Although Mantsios does not focus on the Horatio Alger myth as does Harlon Dalton, both authors concern themselves with seeing beyond the myths of success to underlying realities. Compare the ways these two writers challenge the American mythology of success. Do these two authors complement each other or do you see fundamental disagreements between them? Whose approach do you find more persuasive, insightful, or informative, and why? For your post, you can choose to respond to any one of the above prompts. We will write a custom essay sample on English 101 or any similar topic only for you Order Now America historically owns the reputation of being the land of opportunity, and for generations immigrants have fled to the United States to experience the freedom and equality our government lays claim to. At the root of this reputation is the American Dream, the belief that with hard work anyone can succeed based solely on his or her merits, and is believed to be [American Dream] blind to race, sex, or socioeconomic status, conversely, repeated examples and statistics of the lower-classes, those continually facing the harsh reality that opportunity and equality are just myths, only prove the opposite. The truth of the matter is that influence of a class on an individual’s identity is greater than many would like to perceive. The main reason for this misconception is the fact that everyone wants to hear what they can accomplish and not what factors stand in their way, keeping them far from reality. The idea of what factors affect identity, and most importantly, what are the underlying realities of the American mythology of success has been touched upon by many writers, among them are Gregory Mantsios in â€Å"Class in America† and Harlon Dalton in â€Å"Horatio Alger. Even though these two writers have confronted the last topic [American mythology of success] in different ways complementing each other, I still believe that Gregory Mantsios has been more persuasive, and insightful on his approach. To prove that the American Dream is not equally attainable to all, and can only be a myth to the lower classes Mantsios provides many examples and statistical data. Many American believe that despite some economic differences, America is a â€Å"middle-class† society, and most have the means to live comfortably (306), however, as Gregory Mantsios point out, â€Å"There are enormous differences in the economic standing of American citizens† (Mantsios 308) â€Å"†¦. The middle class in the United States holds a very small share of the nation’s wealth and that share is declining steadily† (Mantsios 309). Education is known to be the key to success. However, due to unequal education in America, children are given dissimilar opportunities to achieve the American Dream. A study conducted by Richard de Lone of the Carnegie Council on Children revealed the effects of different learning conditions when he found a direct relationship between social class and scores on standardized tests such as the SATs (Mantsios 315). Fifteen years after the original study, College Board surveys expose statistics that continue to prove, â€Å"The higher the student’s social status, the higher the probability that he or she will get higher grades† (Mantsios 315). These examples and others are quickly used by Mantsios to establish facts on the American Dream myths, making his argument even more accurate. On the other hand, Harlon Dalton in â€Å"Horatio Alger† present his arguments base solely on the essay â€Å" Ragged Dick† by Alger. Although his difference of opinion is strong, it is still less persuasive, and consequently does not go further than just that [opinion]. Dalton first claims that a individuals success in life cannot be determined by that individual himself. He argues that racism and judgment have an influence on the success that a person can achieve in his lifetime. He introduces Stephen Carters â€Å"best black syndrome† saying that blacks are being recognized for being the â€Å"best black† as if they were competing against each other rather than against everyone (273). He [Dalton] also disagrees with Alger’s argument saying that everyone can reach his or her own true potential. Dalton, however, states that due to some economic circumstances, many people are never able to reach their true potential (274). Although all Dalton’s arguments are fair, and well presented, considering an audience like myself who have somehow experienced the social and income inequality in the United Sates, he would still need to enrich them with more stadistical as research evidence in order for him to bring the message to every individual from every social status. How to cite English 101, Essay examples English 101 Free Essays Linda Nguyen English 101 Three years ago my life changed dramatically. I was in college pursuing my bachelor’s for registered nursing when I found out I was pregnant. Right then I felt my dreams slip from under me. We will write a custom essay sample on English 101 or any similar topic only for you Order Now The scholarship I had worked so hard for, the job my dad slaved at over these past years to get me into the University I had begged him to send me to, all of that was gone. Fearful of the journey that had lain ahead for me; I had not yet planned what my next step in life was going to be. Nervous and scared, I built up the courage to tell my family. At first my dad was angry. Pacing back and forth with disbelief that something like this could happen. Then, when the anger subsided, he began to cry. As I reassured my dad that I would do my best to continue school, he explained to me that it was not sadness he felt, that it was fear. I was confused, why would my father be scared? Not understanding, I hugged him, comforting him. He then promised me that no matter how hard things got he would be there to help me. It was then that I decided that giving up was not an option. I would finish school and give my child a good future. As the weeks pass, waking up for class got harder and harder. Homework was a constant struggle. Sleep was all I wanted to do. I was still driven and determined to finish what was left of the semester, because I wanted to prove those who did not believe I would succeed. When the semester was over, I showed everyone that anyone can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. It was then time for me to prepare for the baby. I took the next semester off so I could have time to recover and rest after having my baby. October came around, and it was time to deliver. I anxiously tossed and turned in my hospital bed, while praying for a quick and easy delivery. The pain was overwhelming, like bricks being tossed at my body. After thirteen hours of labor, I had my six pound, nine ounce, beautiful little girl with me. I named her Alexandra Emily. I knew then that my life would be different, but I just had no idea exactly how different it would be. Even with the help and support of my family, taking care of Alexandra was not an easy task. I started working full-time to provide for my family. School was put on hold again. After three years, I had saved enough money to pursue school and further my education. Ready to embark on a new journey, I enrolled at a community college. I learned that through all of the hardships of motherhood and being an adult that it is never too late to pursue my dreams, no matter what the circumstances are. How to cite English 101, Papers

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FAHRENHEIT 911 Essay Example For Students

FAHRENHEIT 911 Essay The title of Fahrenheit 9/11 is a play on the title of the famous Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451 in which society has been transformed into an authoritarian, repressive regime, in which subversive ideas are crimes and books are burned. In the book, a lonely protagonist is awakened to this reality and joins the struggle to keep underground dissidence alive. In Michael Moores movie, he leads an above-ground assault on the Bush Presidency, questioning his legitimacy, his character, abilities and, most of all, his attempt to fight terror through the war in Iraq. And similarly, his method of attack is by trying to bring to light the facts that those in power have tried to suppress. Just like every Moore movie, it shows people looking stupid to humorous effect and it shows the heroic tales of common people who have suffered tragedy. And Moore blames their plight on the rich and powerful. In his other movies, the presidents of General Motors and the National Rifle Association, for instance, bear the brunt of his blame. In this movie, its George W. In its best moments, the movie is a strong, anti-war documentary. It has truly moving moments of bereaved loved ones, mangled bodies in the streets, incredulous soldiers in Iraq, angry Iraqis and innocent teenagers being manipulated into enlisting. In this way, the movie presents a version of the war on Iraq that isnt shown much in the media. It improves our understanding of the war by giving it a human face. Asking members of Congress to enlist their children in the war was a good idea, as it emphasized an important point of his: that its the poor and uneducated that fight the wars that politicians vote for. But it was probably one of those things that should have remained just a neat idea the actual confrontations are just embarrassing for Moore, the politicians and the audience. Perhaps its an embarrasing reality we all ought to face, but maybe its just tasteless. Either way, the point remains forceful: the heroism of all these disadvantaged young people should only be used as a last resort. But Moores movie isnt just an anti-war movie. Part of the movie is an attempt to question and expose the political images being projected. This starts off with a dreamy sequence of Al Gore celebrating victory in Florida that, Moore says, was manipulated by Fox television into a Bush victory. But its further emphasized by the Bush politicians getting their hair and make-up done before going on TV. And it takes on an insidious character when the misrepresentation, misinformation, and lies about weapons of mass destruction are exposed. The feeling we get is that theyre trying to paint over themselves and their policies. Moore also tries to reinforce the early image America was getting of the President, before 9/11: a man who bumbled and misspoke, whose ideas and agenda were almost none of his own doing and who, when tragedy struck, remained dumbstruck without anyone to tell him what to do. Whats most scary about the images of Bush is just how transparent it is that hes saying things he doesnt understand fully and how forced his attempts to stay on message seem. Perhaps we would all do and say stupid things if a camera followed us around all day-and Moore is an expert at finding and exploiting just these instances-but this is hardly reassuring. Moore also suggests that Bush didnt do enough to go after Bin Laden because of his family connections. The fact that the US sent in over 100,000 troops into Iraq and only 11,000 into Afghanistan to search for Bin Laden is certainly a telling statistic. But the movie labors to show business connections between Bush and Saudi Arabia, which might be relevant as one fact among many, but by spending so much time emphasizing it, it feels like an ad hominem attack: the Saudis come off looking demonized, as if it was bad to be friends with Saudis. Bushs connections are suggestive of ill-motives but do not form a strong argument about what his intentions actually were. .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 , .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .postImageUrl , .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 , .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:hover , .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:visited , .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:active { border:0!important; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:active , .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369 .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u1e027531677ff9bd39fe82e6abdd9369:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Christology EssayTo be fair to Moore, the Democrats are not presented well either, being shown as passive supporters of a wrongful war.

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The Lady With The Dog 2 free essay sample

The Lady With The Dog # 8211 ; Anton Chekhov Essay, Research Paper The Lady With The Dog In the beginning of the narrative, Chekhov begins with the simple line, It was said that a new individual had appeared on the sea-front This transition shows that the local occupants of Yalta have discovered an foreigner, a individual they know nil about. Chekhov asks the reader to see who is she with and why is she at that place? The character of the crafty womaniser, Dmitri Gurov, besides asks these inquiries. When first reading I began to organize a certain sentiment of Dmitri. We know he is married and has kids. He besides admits to being unfaithful to his married woman on legion occasions. He appears to non similar adult females as he referred to them as the lower race. This feature of his personality leads to the brush between himself, the unfaithful hubby, and the immature cryptic Anna, in the gardens. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lady With The Dog 2 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If she is here entirely without a hubby or friends, it wouldn t be awry to do her familiarity. He stated of her. In the character of Dmitri, Chekhov gives a adult male who seems to contemn adult females ; he about ever spoke ailment of adult females However, I believe that this was an act that he showed. When he was in the company of adult females he felt free, and knew what to state to them and how to act ; and he was at easiness with them even when he was soundless. If Gurov regarded adult females as the lower race than why was he merely at remainder when in their company? In truth I think that he liked adult females, he needed adult females. The ground he puts on this tough cat act is because he has neer found a adult female that he genuinely loved. Every clip he had met a new adult female, he was tidal bore for life, and everything seemed simple and diverting. However, Every familiarity necessarily grows into a regular job of utmost elaborateness, and in the long tally the state of affairs becomes intolerable. Gurov did non cognize how to manage long complicated relationships that took work to keep. That is why his matrimony was a failure and unhappy. That is besides the ground why he ever became defeated and used adult females as a whipping boy. Dmitri is excited when he sees the new cryptic adult female ; he sees a new chance to get away the humdrum matrimony he is trapped in. Even though everything ever failed him before he was unconsciously compelled to seek and happen something that worked. After run intoing the lady with the Canis familiaris, he thought of her slender, delicate cervix, and her lovely grey eyes. Before he fell asleep though, he thought, There s something hapless about her, anyhow, as a reaction to what ever seemed to necessarily go on. He needs to protect his ain feelings. As Gurov shortly learns after he meets her, the adult female s name is Anna Serveyevna. She struck me as a really immature, na ve adult female who can sometimes be controlled by work forces. She was non certain whether her hubby had a station in a Crown Department or under the Provincial Council and was amused by her ain ignorance. She does non even care what her hubby s business is! She is non happy with her matrimony. She was diffident and did non look to be comfy around work forces. When she had her first conversation with Dmitri, she would reply him without looking at him as if glancing at another adult male was out. However, as the writer stated earlier in the narrative, Gurov knew how to near unfamiliar adult female and do them experience comfy in his presence. He was able to interrupt through Anna s shell and wheedle her into opening up and discoursing random things such as unusual visible radiation on the sea and how sultry it was after a hot twenty-four hours. As they continued to run into, Anna s passiveness continued to be reflected in the manner she acted. He asked her Where shall we travel now? Shall we drive someplace? to which her answers were mere silence. Again subsequently he drew his arm around her and kissed her and requested that they traveled to her hotel. Nowhere in the text does the adult female suggest anything. She neer appears to be the coquettish one interested in Gurov. Alternatively, she thinks of her high ethical motives and values. After their first sexual experience together, she described herself as a low bad adult female. She stated I despise myself and wear t effort to warrant myself. However, her passivity prevailed and she continued to care for the adult male who is non her hubby. She besides did non believe extremely of her hubby every bit much as she had thought she had when he took her, as his married woman. I was twenty when I was married to him. I have been tormented by wonder ; I wanted something better. she stated. She may hold been a governable adult female but she had found a adult male to command who was interesting and merriment to be with. Even though her beliefs pointed off from Gurov, he was able so sway her and convert her that she wanted to be with him. Finally Anna had to go forth the gratifying resort town of Yalta. Even though she enjoyed her clip with him, she still returns to her normal dry life with her hubby. It was the 18th century and as a adult female she is expected to be dedicated to her hubby and cipher else. At this point, I believe that Chekhov efforts to gull the reader. I think that he tries to set the reader in suspense and perchance believe that Anna has lost involvement of Dmitri. You don t know what Anna is believing because Chekhov merely allows the reader think these things by demoing you the interior of Dmitri s self-piteous ideas. He was move, sad, and witting of a little compunction. This immature adult female whom he would neer run into once more had non been happy with him ; he was truly warm and fond with her, but yet in his mode, his tone, and his caresses there had been a shadiness of light sarcasm, the harsh superciliousness of a happy adult male who was, besides, about twice her age. Dmitri is get do wning to experience regretful for himself and frustrated that one time once more a adult female he has cared for has non worked in his subconscious pursuit for a fulfilling relationship. If he can non be with Anna he does non desire to penalize himself with her invariably make fulling his head. As, a consequence he tries to force Anna out of his caput. Gurov goes for a long clip experiencing this manner about himself and yet he can non agitate the ideas of his lady with the Canis familiaris. He tries to comfort himself with people around him but to everyone else it is unimportant. It is besides hard to discourse with anybody because he is still married and he is entirely in this secret matter. All of these feelings he has led me to believe that Anna no longer cared for Dmitri. Finally he decides that he can non populate on without her. Before this idea occurred to him he became absorbed in Moscow life. He already felt a yearning to travel to eating houses, nines, dinner-parties, and anniversary parties in another month, he fancied, the image of Anna Sergeyevna would be shrouded in a mist in his memory. Yet, a month came and went and Anna neer left his memory. He was sick of his kids, sick of the bank ; he had no desire to travel anyplace or to speak of anything. Everything else in his life has become meaningless. What mindless darks, what uninteresting, uneventful yearss! The fury for card-playing, the gluttony, the inebriation, the continual talk ever about the same thing. These were the things that he had tried to busy himself with earlier. When Anna left he needed something to make full his nothingness and take up his ideas. Now he realizes that nil can take the topographic point of her. He needs to see her once more and as a consequence he travels to h er hometown to happen her. He arrived there merely to go a alien in uncomfortable milieus. Everything is unfamiliar and foreign and one time once more Chekhov nowadayss Dmitri s ideas to convert the reader that Anna is gone everlastingly. Dmitri walked up and down, and loathed the grey fencing more and more, and by now he thought testily that Anna Sergeyevna had forgotten him. Yet he has to at least see her in order to populate one time once more. When he sees her at the theater I think that the reader eventually realizes how suffering Anna is with her normal life with her bland hubby. He was described as a adult male who wasn t attractive and even worse a adult male who didn T wage attending to his married woman. At this point you can see that she is unhappy and that she still thinks of the clip she one time had with Dmitri in Yalta. In the terminal Dmitri is eventually able to face his job of covering with a complicated relationship. He eventually finds a adult female that will return his feelings and work along with him. Still though, I feel that the last sentence foresees problem in the hereafter. And it seemed as though in a small while the solution would be found, and so a new and glorious life would get down ; and it was clear to both of them that they had still a long, long route before them, and that the most complicated and hard portion of it was merely merely get downing. To me this sounded queerly familiar to all of the other adult female that Dmitri had fallen to in his yesteryear.

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Theory of Ritualism by Robert Merton

Theory of Ritualism by Robert Merton Ritualism is a concept developed by American sociologist Robert K. Merton as a part of his structural strain theory. It refers to the common practice of going through the motions of daily life even though one does not accept the goals or values that align with those practices. Ritualism as a Response to Structural Strain Merton, an important figure in early American sociology, created what is considered to be one of the most important theories of deviance within the discipline. Mertons structural strain theory states that people experience tension when a society does not provide adequate and approved means for achieving culturally valued goals. In Mertons view, people either accept these conditions and go along with them, or they challenge them in some way, which means they think or act in ways that appear deviant from cultural norms. Structural strain theory accounts for five responses to such strain, of which ritualism is one. Other responses include conformity, which involves continual acceptance of the goals of the society and continued participation in the approved means through which one is supposed to achieve them. Innovation involves accepting the goals but rejecting the means and creating new means. Retreatism refers to rejection of both the goals and the means, and rebellion occurs when individuals reject both and then create new goals and means to pursue. According to Mertons theory, ritualism occurs when a person rejects the normative goals of their society but nonetheless continues to participate in the means of attaining them. This response involves deviance in the form of rejecting the normative goals of society but is not deviant in practice because the person continues to act in a way that is in line with pursuing those goals. One common example of ritualism is when people do not embrace the goal of getting ahead in society by doing well in ones career and earning as much money as possible. Many have often thought of this as the American Dream, as did Merton when he created his theory of structural strain. In contemporary American society, many have become aware that stark economic inequality is the norm, that most people do not actually experience social mobility in their lives, and that most money is made and controlled by a very tiny minority of wealthy individuals. Those who see and understand this economic aspect of reality, and those who simply do not value economic success but frame success in other ways, will reject the goal of climbing the economic ladder. Yet, most will still engage in the behaviors that are meant to achieve this goal. Most will spend most of their time at work, away from their families and friends, and may even still attempt to gain status and increased salary within their professions, despite the fact that they reject the end goal. They go through the motions of what is expected perhaps because they know that it is normal and expected, because they do not know what else to do with themselves, or because they have no hope or expectation of change within society. Ultimately, though ritualism stems from discontent with the values and goals of society, it works to maintain the status quo by keeping normal, everyday practices and behaviors in place. If you think about it for a moment, there are probably at least a few ways in which you engage in ritualism in your life. Other Forms of Ritualism The form of ritualism that Merton described in his structural strain theory describes behavior among individuals, but sociologists have identified other forms of ritualism too. For example, sociologists also recognize political ritualism, which occurs when people participate in a political system by voting despite the fact that they believe that the system is broken and cannot actually achieve its goals. Ritualism is common within bureaucracies, wherein rigid rules and practices are observed by members of the organization, even though doing so is often counter to their goals. Sociologists call this bureaucratic ritualism.

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Reflection paper of being diabetic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reflection paper of being diabetic - Essay Example I knew I would not be able to remember all the information I was reading, but I would get an idea about the food items having more carbs and what I should avoid, if possible. The most difficult part of this assignment was that I had to monitor my intake of carbohydrates, fat and fiber. All these interacted and influenced blood sugar levels. I read the labels of all the food items that I was going to consume. In the absence of labels, such as fresh foods, I had a carbohydrate chart. I monitored my blood glucose levels at least twice a day and kept a record of such readings. Also, I had a tough time about checking my blood sugar and keeping it in proper range. Partly because I was embarrassed and I did not wish the people to judge or think that I was a real diabetic when they saw me doing it. The most difficult part was following a diabetic meal plan because it was related to self-management skills that I had to learn, live and stay with. Knowing what I should eat did not mean that I would eat that way. For example on some days I did not take the correct type of diet. I craved French fries often. I succumbed to that craving on rare occasions. I made sure that I counted it in my eating plan but it was hard for me. This experience has made me understand the difficult life of the diabetic people. I have really come to appreciate this assignment as it has enlightened me how lucky I am to be healthy and do not have diabetes. Also, this assignment has provided to me the details about this life-threatening condition by giving me stimulus for self-improvement and for obtaining perfect health. I hope that I can change my food habits for the sake of my health. There are resources available to educate one. Now I believe that if someone has symptoms of diabetes, he has to undergo tests right away and if found diabetic, take steps to control it and remain well-informed on this illness. They need not wait until they get too sick